travel the world. find true love. hope for the future. dream big. smile to spread the joy. laugh because it’s funny. dance as if no one is watching. sing at the top of your lungs. play in the sun. shop till you drop. live in the moment.

Hey, so you have stumbled onto my lovely blog. I’m a 22 year old University student living life and travelling to different places. I haven’t been all over the World, not yet at least, but I have been around North America. Anyway’s the point of my blog is to keep track of it all, things I’ve seen, tried and done. You my friend, are just this whole other being who just so happens to be reading it. This is my life’s story, since 2009, also it keeps my head clear since I tend to like to rant a lot but sometimes there’s no one to rant to. Sometimes I have a lot of pent up issues, but don’t we all?